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Grinnell College students trust the Pioneer Bookshop, Grinnell College for new and used textbooks. At Pioneer Bookshop, Grinnell College you'll get the exact textbooks selected by your instructors guaranteed! You can rent or buy textbooks from our site.  We have new and used books to choose from.  Used books are very popular so order early.  With online ordering, pre-packing of your list and the choice of pick up or delivery to the college mailroom, you won't find a more convenient way to get your course materials.  Don't forget to add lab books, notebooks, pens, flash drives and the like to your cart.  We will delivery those too!

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Choose the term and course to see the list of textbooks your professor requires.   If we have the book in stock, new or used, it will be available to add to your cart.

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Textbook Return Policy: We guarantee that the textbooks you purchase from the Pioneer Bookshop are the ones your professors require.  If you drop a class you can return the textbooks for that class.  You have until a week after the last day to drop without a "w" to return textbooks for a dropped class. An original receipt is required and the books must be in the same condition in which they were purchased.   Other returns will be taken on a case by case basis. Talk to us.


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