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Visit our online textbook store to see if your textbook is in stock and at what prices.   Use this link My Textbooks .  If the book is available to put in your cart, then we have it in the store too.  More books arrive every day so keep checking. Your book could be available in all these formats:  New, Used, New Rental, Used Rental or Digital.  You can pick up in the store or we will deliver to the JRC mailroom.

You have $300 for Textbooks Each Semester

We know you have a lot of expenses at the beginning of the term.  We want to help you spread out the cost of your textbooks.  We now offer Textbook Advances!  If you are a Grinnell College student, you have been given $300.00 to use on your purchase of textbooks (only textbooks).  You must use it by the last day to add/drop a course. The amount you use will be added to your tuition bill and must be paid before the next term.  Then, a few weeks before the following term, you have another $300.00 available.  When ordering online, choose Textbook Advance at Checkout.  Remember, you can only use this on textbooks.  If you add a sweatshirt, you will need to also provide a credit card.  

Custom Lawn Signs

Click HERE for Custom Lawn Signs Shipped Directly to Your Home

CDI has a variety of options for lawn signs.  Some of them allow you to insert your student's name.  "Grinnell College Bound", "Home of a Grinnell College Student", Conratulations <insert name>", The Honor G and the Grinnell College logo are some options.  

Order Here and they will ship directly to your home.


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